Making Contact Team

The Making Contact Team

Travelling across 11 countries, the Making Contact Team have been trained by professionals in all the CE-5 techniques, and are utilizing highly-advanced skywatching technology, including an array of next-generation night, thermal and full spectrum vision cameras.

For the Making Contact Project Team, our mission within the field of ufology, is one of scientific discovery, analysis and the rigorous pursuit to understand the UFO phenomenon.

We have been researching the connections between CE-5 protocols, advanced meditation and remote viewing, which results in the manifestation of unidentified flying objects and anomalous activity, that can surround us.

With over 3000 hours in the field, our focus has been the documentation of anomalous activity, all within a multitude of global locations. Every sighting/experience is unbiased, relying solely on the results generated from highly-advanced technology and thorough investigative techniques.

Today, the Making Contact Project Team, with over 500 recorded hours of skywatching, and in access of more than 100 interviews, conducted with experts in the world of ufology, takes pride on being committed and actively in-the-field.

Special Thanks to our Collaborators:

Kosta Makreas (

Hollis Polk

Paola Harris (StarworksUSA UFO Symposium)

Leon Valverde (Revalcion Humana)

Charles Lamoureux (Static 8 Films)

Dave Palachik and Stu Bundy (MUFON Canada)

Erica Lukes (UFO Classified)

Sixto Paz Wells (Contactee/Author)

Erling P. Strand (Hessdalen Phenomenon/Researcher)

A.J. Gevaerd (UFO Magazine Brazil)

Gary King (Crop Circle Specialist/Researcher)

Dr. Greer (Sirius Disclosure)

John Gilles (British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society)

Joann Kanda (Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group Inc.)

Sheryl Gottschall (UFO Research Queensland Inc.)

Damien Nott (Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations)

Prof. Lachezar Filipov (Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

Commander Julio Chamorro (DIFFAA, Department of Investigation of Anomalous Phenomenon, Peru)

Dr. Anthony Choy (The Ufology Peruvian Association)

    We are very grateful for all your guidance, support and knowledge, it continues to inspire us,
    as we move forward on our path of understanding the mysteries of the universe!

Rob Freeman

Researcher and filmmaker Rob Freeman will preview his documentary “Making Contact, Be inspired.” and then take questions from the audience. Rob was just 12 years old, when he saw the unexplainable from the roof of his parent’s house, with a self-made sky watching kit. Fifty years later he’s traveled to over 10 countries and 30 cities, now with a state if the art sky watching kit.
In 2015, he formed CSSAA (Center for the Scientific Study of Atmospheric Anomalies), and is an active in-the-field researcher. Alongside the Making Contact Project Team, Rob is connecting to the experts, and documenting his extensive experiences, all within this new age of UFOlogy

Lissette Rodriguez

Photography, Video production & entrepreneurship has been a huge passion & lifestyle for Lissette since she was a teenager. She established Creaty Multimedia (former LR Art) in 2011 in Brazil. She has traveled around the world filming and producing an independent TV Series, & has directed and produced videos for clients in North and South America.

Mark McNabb

Mark McNabb has been compelled to tell emotional stories, for as long as he can remember. As a Producer for Skylight Films, his passion is to be behind the camera, using his vision to create moments. Now, he has also learned various CE-5 meditation techniques and deepened his conscious connections, all in order to further himself on this new life path.